05 January 2013

Utusan Dakwa Justin Bieber Adalah Sebuah Negara


Ini laporan dari MSN News..

A tabloid pullout called Mega from the local Malay newspaper Utusan even quoted Justin Bieber as the ninth biggest country in the world.

Reader Firdaus Hassan captured a snapshot of a column that ran in a tabloid pullout named Mega from local Malay newspaper Utusan, which carried a short write-up entitled 'Interesting facts about Justin Bieber'.

The write-up was published today.

The snapshot went viral on Facebook today as the column showcased eight 'facts' about Bieber, as a country.

The first 'fact' read as Bieber was 'freed from the ruling of Communist Party of the Soviet Union on 16 December 1991', whilst the second 'fact' listed Bieber as 'the ninth biggest country in the world with a population of 16.6 million (as of the year 2011)'.

Another 'fact' read as there were 130 ethnic groups in Bieber country, including Kazakh, Russia, German and Ukraine.

Many users find the error as amusing, calling it an 'epic typo' and that the editor must have been a 'Belieber'.

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